Dr. James Patrick Manning

June 9, 2016




Wow! I cannot believe that graduation has come and gone. I honestly never thought this day would come! Somehow we survived the last four years and are moving on to residency. I cannot express how much I have grown to love all of the students and families that we were able to go through it all with. The University of Washington has showed us a great time, and we are super excited to see what Rochester brings. Read More

The Foothills / Styled by Five

May 26, 2016

yellow skirt in the foothillsLast week I spent at home where I grew up in Eastern Idaho. As I mentioned on my Instagram, the foothills this time of year are my favorite! They are so beautiful and green! I made sure to run them each day as part of my workout. I also hit up my favorite little spots to eat and visit. It is so bittersweet moving to New York. I am beyond excited for the new adventure with my little family but sad that we will also be so far away from a good chunk of the rest of our family and good friends. Thank heavens for airlines! Read More

Lavender-Lemon Linen Spray

May 6, 2016

holding lavender linen spray spray, oils, and flowers

My grandmother has ALWAYS used essential oils, and the smell of them reminds me of her and being in her house. I love the memories that those scents bring back. Growing up it seemed that I always had a small bottle of lavender from her near my bedside. I had a hard time falling asleep in high school (a really hard time…I still do sometimes), and I found lavender to be soothing and calming which naturally calmed my mind so that I could fall asleep easier. I have been exploring different to ways to use essential oils for about a year now. One of my favorite ways to use lavender is by creating this homemade lavender-lemon linen spray. I like to spray this blend over our sheets while making the beds, or simply throughout the house after I have finished cleaning. It’s a natural way to keep things smelling fresh and clean especially when crawling into bed at night. 

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Sunday Supper Picnic

April 26, 2016

DenovoDesign-SpringPicnic-05 DenovoDesign-SpringPicnic-06 We have all been spending as much time outside as possible lately. The weather here in Boise has been so warm, and all of the trees are in full bloom. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend our Sunday evening than taking our supper outdoors.  Read More

18 Months

April 19, 2016

DenovoDesign-TableRock-18mth-01 DenovoDesign-TableRock-18mth-02

I can’t believe that Olive is eighteen months! I told JP the other day that I need to start planning her second birthday because it is going to be here before we know it! He of course gave me the eye roll. I know I sound ridiculous, but birthdays in my family are a BIG deal. We drove up the hillside the other night to take some photos capturing this stage of Olive’s life. Aside from her making a mad dash to the edge of the cliff a couple of times, our night was quite therapeutic and relaxing as we just watched her play in the sunset.

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